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Welcome to a new client experience. No egos, No false promises. Just honesty, integrity and measurable results from beginning to end.

Traditional Values Yielding Modern Results

Old school values meet new world digital platforms. No blabber mouths. No ego’s. No sales pitches. Only honest communication, straight forward facts and promises we can keep. Results without the rigamarole. The way business used to be done – only with trend following, tech savvy, modern day professionals. Get to know us and learn how we can help you achieve the goals you have for your business.

Dominguez Marketing, LLC BBB Business Review

Is Something Holding You Back?

Do you have the right tools in place but can’t quite figure out how to make the most of them? Maybe all the talk about algorithms, fake news and bots has prevented you from launching social media accounts. Would you rather spend your time building furniture than building a website? Whatever it is – we’re here to help you through it.

Website Design/Development

Static Informational Websites, E-commerce Sites and App Development (for Google Play Store & Apple Store). We have everything you need to be the backbone to your digital marketing success. We build your site so you the client own full rights to it and can host it anywhere you choose.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

(Google Search Ads & Google Display & Retargeting) – We are Certified by Google; our training and experience ensure you will never miss your mark. We also make sure your money is not being wasted on pointless clicks.

Social Media Management

If you are looking for results, paid advertising can help you hit specific targets using Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. We rely on A/B testing so you can rest assured your results are both measurable and proven. If you need help launching your campaigns we will be happy to work on your behalf posting and monitoring your accounts. If you are short on time we can act as a first point of contact to ensure your customers receive a timely response. We can filter your messages, respond to post comments and moderate your pages ensuring your public image remains something you can be proud of.


Professionally developed materials are key in helping you reach and engage your customers. An amateur design or poorly written content can take away from the great products and services you have worked so hard to offer. We will ensure you make the right first impression by providing well-designed logos, and professionally created materials you can be proud of. Business Cards, Menus, Brochures, Rack Cards and more are available to showcase everything you have to offer.

Graphic Design

Our professional design team will help you achieve your vision. If you require print services we’ll work with our well vetted print partners to make sure your design looks as great in print as it does digitally. If you have your own preferred printer - we’re happy to work with them too.


We’ll stay on top of Title tags, Descriptions, H tags, Blogging and more ensuring and managing optimization, so you don’t have to. Learn how we create and manage over 70 high trafficked online directories and what this can mean for your business.


When your marketing efforts are made up of moving parts it can be hard to keep things organized. Our team will assist you in communicating with other vendors, contributors and partners throughout the project ensuring you are getting the results you need, and staying with in your budget. If you are spending money somewhere you don’t need to be – you can count on us to let you know.

Video Marketing

You can inspire confidence, highlight what sets you apart from the competition, showcase your personality and build relationships with your clients and customers by using short videos. From script to production and editing our production team will provide dynamic video you can use on your social media platforms, website, customer presentations and more.


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