Keeping Your Business’ Social Media Relevant

With billions of people worldwide online every day, how do you reach them? The prevalence of social media is making it easier than ever to connect to the right audience and introduce them to your products or services. But learning how to get into social media advertising and stay on top of your channels can be a difficult process. We can help you keep your social media relevant and current.

Setting Up Your Social Media Advertising Strategy Design Is Key

Beyond simple social media posts, advertising on social media sites allow you to reach customers you may not know about. Social media ads let you educate prospective customers, bring former customers back or grow your brand. We’ll help you develop a solid advertising strategy and set up your advertising accounts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, creating custom audiences for use in future ads and ensuring proper setup.

Social Media Advertising Management ​Customize Just For You

Once your ad accounts are set up, how do you continue to maintain them? Our extensive knowledge and experience are being constantly updated and we have a solid history with over 15 years’ of experience in digital advertising managing hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad campaigns. For a monthly fee, we monitor your ad campaigns, make changes as needed to your audience, budget, images and text, taking your business further.

Advertising Testing and Funnels Design Is Key

Which version of your social media ad gets the best results? We use AdEspresso® to provide you with A/B (split) testing of your ads, ensuring you’ll get the best results from them. After that, we’ll develop sales funnels using social media ads, as well as retargeting ads based on prior website visits. This helps take your visitors through the process automatically, converting them from prospects to leads or sales.

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